Diplomatic Appointments

Enjoy the privileges, and immunity offered by a diplomatic appointment and the opportunity to meet and mix with the upper echelons of society. Your status ensures you invitations to diplomatic and Diplomatic functions and events.

Honourary Consul Attache and Ambassador-At-Large Appointments

We are privileged to offer qualified individuals, honourary consul, Attache and Ambassador At-Large appointments, from a well known African United Nations and Commonwealth member country. A diplomatic passport is provided and the appointee may place his/her title on letterheads, business cards, passport and personal stationary.

To arrange these appointments on your behalf, we require a scanned copy of the clients current passport, scanned head picture (standard passport photo,) and current country of residence. Also required is a police certificate of good standing from your country of residence (scanned) and a CV.. plus a letter motivating how you can best represent and serve the nation abroad. Your proof of funds (POF) is also mandatory. POF can be a recent bank statement clearing showing the clients name as it appears in your passport copy to be submitted with a cash balance in the middle six figures in Euro, or the equivalent.. For security measures we suggest you whiteout your account number.

Correspondence should include details of your country, city and place of business. As a certain amount of consultation and travel by our agent is required prior to you visiting the country, a non-refundable referral fee of €1500 is required together with your application. This ensures that you are serious and covers our agent's expenses and time during the presentation and discussion of your bona-fides.

Once your proof of funds have been qualified and your appointment pre confirmed, a fully refundable deposit of 50% of the appointment donation is payable immediately with the balance is payable immediately prior to delivery of all your diplomatic documents, etc. – In most instances the process from start to finish takes approximately 3 months from receipt of police certificate and initial deposit.

Client will receive genuine DPP from a stable United Nations country in the Pacific region, full accreditation at a European Embassy of that nation, delivery of DPP can be arranged in person by the Ambassador of the nation if desired – diplomatic email address and ongoing support. If they require Visas in your DPP there is an extra charge for Schengen visa and up to one other Visa (not US or UK).

If a Schengen Visa is to be issued with your passport, this can only be done after it is issued, you have signed it, paid for it, and it is sealed, then you have 2 options.
(1) Pay a 4000 Euro for a Schengen Visa on your passport, and hand it back to us, we arrange it in a week or so.
(2) Pay a 5000 Euro fee and we can arrange for you to visit their European Union embassy and the Ambassador will arrange it the same day.
A Schengen Visa is a great visa to have and normally people pay over 6000 plus Euros to get one on a passport.
The 2nd option is preferred, as the Ambassador would like to meet you if possible.

To assist, our agent, who is well versed in these affairs, will vet your application and if necessary submit suggestions prior to final submission.

Prices start from Eur 100,000 and up depending on the diplomatic appointment.

Please direct your enquiries in full confidence to col.edwardwhitehead@freebooter.com Place the words "diplomatic appointments" in the subject line of your email.

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