Drivers License Programs

We offer two drivers license and international dl programs:

Central America - This document is registered on the home computers and can be issued in any name, date and place of birth. The processing and delivery time is 10-12 weeks from the time we receive full and accepted pictures, your completed application form and payment in full.

The product is dispatched via registered airmail post. The dl is valid for 5 years and can be renewed at 50% of ordering cost when expired. We will email you a copy of the dl and the registered mail receipt once it is posted. The cost for this product is Euro 3,500 and can be dispatched to anywhere address in the world.

African DL & IDL - This is a new but now popular product. This dl is registered on the countries government computers and is 100% verifiable. This drivers license is from a Southern African nation but NOT South Africa. The drivers license is 100% verifiable.

The international drivers licence (IDL) is issued by a motor vehicle association and both the dl and IDL are dispatched anywhere in the world via courier service. The IDL is valid for one year and comes with a second IDL valid consecutively after the first IDL expires. In other words there are two IDL's are valid for two years total.

The cost for this product is Euro 3,000. Processing time is approximately 6 weeks from the we receive full and accepted pictures, your completed application form and payment in full. A short application form is required to be completed along with a professionally taken passport like picture and your signature signed in black ink on a white piece of white. Both can be scanned and sent by email in JPEG format for faster fulfillment.

For this product, orders are dispatched by courier to anywhere in the world except North America. The tracking details are provided as soon as source dispatched your order. For North American deliveries, your order will be dispatched via registered post.

Due to contractual agreement and the sensitive nature of these programs, we are unable to provide the names of the countries until we receive a paid order.

Just click on this ORDER NOW link and you will be taken to our secure online order form. Your order code for this product is "CADL or AfricanDLIDL"

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