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Second Nationalities

Consideration should be given to the acquisition of more than one passport. The acquisition of multiple passports of course presupposes that you are willing to accept multiple citizenship-and this is not at all a bad idea for some people. With terrorism on the rise, international travel can be particularly hazardous to citizens of certain countries. Hostage-takers and kidnappers who have commandeered planes and boats have often looked at passports in deciding who shall live and who shall die. A second passport may also give you access to travel in countries where your own passport might not be used because temporary or permanent travel restrictions. If you think this can't happen to you, consider all the Canadians who were refused permission to land in Spain a few years ago during a Spanish-Canadian fishing rights dispute. For others, the benefits of a second passport may not be quite as pressing, but dual citizenship does none the less convey several advantages. Many nations have laws which restrict the purchase of real estate properties. Typically, coastal properties and those in large desirable metropolitan areas are off-limits to foreigners. Such practices have been widespread throughout Europe, Asia, South America-even in Mexico.

Paradoxically, some of the available properties have remained unsold for long periods of time, not because they are outrageously priced but rather because locals could not afford to purchase them. The acquisition of a second nationality could be your key to living like a king or queen in one of the world's most desirable cities.

Financial advantages of dual citizenship include the ability to purchase otherwise restricted shares in emerging foreign companies. Many foreign stocks and mutual funds are only available to local citizens. Issuers will require affidavits from potential buyers. Present the appropriate second passport as proof of citizenship and you are home free.

Employment is yet another issue. Foreigners are largely banned from working anywhere outside their own borders. Citizenship in another country can change all of that quickly. In fact many of the world's largest multinational corporations favor employment candidates with dual passports. If you set out to open your own business overseas, the same advantages will apply. Finally, dual nationality could open all kinds of doors overseas including participation in foreign social security programs, national health programs, even university tuition remission programs. The specific benefits naturally depend on the country you choose. In most instances, governments only extend citizenship to individuals who have resided within their boundaries for minimum periods ranging from three to five years. These provisions can of course be waived.

Few nations are begging for immigrants and those which encourage immigration are selectively looking for individuals who can provide specific services-like physicians, agricultural experts, entrepreneurs likely to create new jobs, and science teachers. After all, what possible benefit can a nation derive from wantonly issuing passports to outsiders with no purpose other than to skirt another nation's laws or to protect the privacy of individuals it hardly knows? It is possible that you already qualify for a new passport by virtue of your ethnic background. If you are of Germany, Italian, Irish, French, or Jewish ancestry, it is likely that you are eligible.

Other countries, however, are eager to naturalize those who do not automatically qualify especially if they can bring professional talent or expertise to their nations. If you have a distinguished career in teaching, engineering, general management, administration, or medicine, you have a decided advantage. Several international firms claim to have connections which enable them to expedite the passport issuance process, obtaining dual nationalities for their clients in as little as two weeks. Sometimes this can be effected by bribing government bureaucrats, a common and accepted practice in many developing countries. You may be charged $10,000 or more for these services with money passing through overseas banks. Drivers licenses and other documents useful for identification can be obtained in the same fashion.

In some cases, completely new identities can be established. You should be very wary of such claims. There have been numerous reports of swindles, however, hundreds of clients losing thousands of dollars each year on documents that are never issued. Stories also abound suggesting that some passport acquisition services have simply issued bogus credentials to their clients. If you find yourself in possession of forged travel documents, you could of course end up in prison for many years. Moreover, if the sole purpose of obtaining such documentation is to conceal your identity so that you can commit fraud or some other crime, or to hide a prior criminal record or divorce, you have merely compounded your troubles. If you choose to pursue dual nationality through legitimate channels, you can probably obtain a valid second passport in a reasonably short time. Be sure to consider any adverse consequences, however.

If your are a naturalized American citizen, you risk losing your American citizenship by swearing allegiance to another flag, voting in a foreign election, or deliberately renouncing your American citizenship at a U.S. embassy abroad. Native-born Americans will find that their US citizenship is virtually cemented in stone. You might also be conscripted into the armed services of another nation if you happen to find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately, many nations have moved towards voluntary armies-and if you're as unhealthy as the typical American couch potato, you need not worry anyway.

There are several ways of acquiring legal second or third nationality. We will outline some of the ways for you.

A.) Investment program
B.) Residency/marriage
C.) Via Ancestry
D.) Banking Passports

A.) Investment Programs
There are very few legal Investment programs available, especially since 9/11/2001. A few are Belize, Dominica, St. Kitts, and Panama. The investments range from approximately US$50,000 to US$250,000 plus or minus depending on which of the four countries mentioned one selects.

Good points;
These are 100% legitimate and you do not have to have any long term residency to qualify.

Bad Points:
In most, but not all cases, Gov't notifies your home/original country of your new status, i.e. citizenship and gives them and your details to your home government; Further they are expensive and some documents are second or third world documents requiring visas for most decent places to travel to. Finally you'll probably never see your investment again.

If you are interested in relocating and don't mind living in Central America, then our Panama resident program might just be for you. Click here for fill particulars on our PANAMA Residency Programs and look for the information titled under COUNTRY 2.

On the other hand if you require an expedited naturalization program from another (not Panama) Central American country, then COUNTRY 1 is for you.

For a reasonable cost you can obtain nationality and a second passport in a surprisingly short period of time. For full details view COUNTRY 1.

B.) Residency/Marriage
Residency/marriage: This offers a 100% legal way to obtain a citizenship via residency and or marriage in most countries of the world. After a period of time, normally (minimum) 5 years residency in the country, with minimal time allowed outside the country, one is eligible for naturalization via residency. This naturalization leads to citizenship, and therefore a passport from that country. If one were to marry a national of that country, the residence period is somewhat shorten.

In Western Europe, an EU [European Union] document is better than a US document or as it affords worldwide, nearly visa free travel and in most cases, without taxation due in that country, prohibited you live elsewhere, not the same country where you become naturalized in. Further with an EU document you can legally work and reside in any country within the European Union, although you will, naturally, be required to pay all taxes due in compliance with local laws.

Good points:
The price is right, minimal. Cost of living in the "right" European country is probably 1/3 to 1/2 or less than in the United States or the United Kingdom, though this depends on which country one decides on. Becoming naturalized in the right Country (in Western Europe) offers excellent opportunities for the second nationality seeker. You avoid having to pay large investment fees or having to pay outright the purchasing fees for solicitors, etc. for obtaining legal nationalization.

Bad points:
5 years plus can be a long time to wait for a 2nd nationality. Marriage to the wrong person, can be a nightmare. Some, but certainly not all, EU countries "may" repeat "may" or may not report your new nationality to your present motherland. You'd also, in most cases, need to become rather fluent with the local lingo/language because as an English speaking person the locals might not speak or converse in English.

Some Yanks (rarely other nationalities) have found that they are not willing to give up their creature comforts from their American lifestyle. That can be good or bad depending on yourself and your present lifestyle. Naturally this depends on yourself and how flexible one is. If you have never been abroad previously, it could be culture shock, though the large majority of my clients have, in the end, found it being exhilarating living overseas, free from the shackles of their motherland and taxation.

Our recommendation:
If you have the time, this is the only way to go if you wish to acquire legal citizenship in the Western Europe / European Union national areas. However even when you start the residency/nationality process within the European Union and a country says they will NOT report you obtaining citizenship once you qualify as Spain did previously, Spain recently made an agreement with the US, and now Spain reports all yanks with newly acquiring Spanish nationality to their govt. The same is true for Brits.

CAVEAT EMPTOR; Be advised there are numerous web sites claiming they can sell you a Western European Union nationality at a low cost, usually in the US$10,000 to US$15,000 range. Such come on's only offer you the 99.999% probability of being ripped off. There are absolutely NO legal European Union nationalities available for sale or by investment any longer. Govern yourself accordingly.

C.) Ancestry
Do you qualify for a Free Passport? No need to pay Eur 100,000 or more for a 2nd citizenship or passport via investment programs. You may already qualify for one or more free passports! Yes that's right, a free passport. If you or your spouse's parents or grandparent's are of Irish, Jewish and many other ancestries, you probably already qualify!

Here's some information you might find handy.

Irish nationality is governed by the Irish nationality and Citizenship Acts, 1956 and 1986. Irish nationality may be acquired in a number of ways such as birth in Ireland, Irish parentage, lodging the appropriate declaration after marriage to an Irish citizen or to a spouse who MAY claim Irish citizenship through ancestry, i.e. Mother, Father, both grandmother's and both Grandfather/s born in Ireland or are/were Irish.

In addition to Ireland, most other European Union nations offer nationality via ancestry. For the latest and most accurate information on obtaining Irish, or other nationality via ancestry, may we suggest you contact your nearest Irish or other consulate/embassy for full particulars regarding obtaining nationality via ancestry.

What is a Jew?
The law of return defines a Jew as anyone who was born of a Jewish mother or has been converted to Judaism without embracing any other faith. Documentary certification of the circumcision ceremony (briss) or other important Jewish ceremonies (bar mitzvah, Jewish wedding, etc.) would serve as good evidence of Jewishness. Alternatively, and most simple of all, proof of synagogue membership should be adequate. Once your Jewishness is firmly established you may arrange to move to Israel through the Israeli consulate or an Aliyah group nearest your present home. A non-Jew can become a citizen of Israel too! This is at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior and the applicant must satisfy five conditions. "They are in Israel." They were in Israel three years out of the five-year period immediately preceding their application for citizenship. "They are entitled to permanent resident status." They have settled in Israel or intend to. They have surrendered their former citizenship or have offered proof that they will cease to be a foreign citizen as soon as they become an Israeli one. Note that Jews who become citizens through the law of Return are NOT restricted this way.

D.) Banking Passports
The question might come to mind, "Why would anyone want a banking passport? There's any number of reasons why a banking passport might be another Lifeboat Strategy for you.

Many people simply want to remain anonymous and rightly so. Some nationalities are excluded from opening certain accounts. For instance, opening a Swiss bank or brokerage account by Americans is frowned on by most Swiss banks in today's world.

In another example an abused spouse, or someone being stalked, might want to hide from their spouse/predator/stalker. Having a banking passport can assist them in that regard both financially and physically/personally.

The Freebooter might have a solution for you. Click for full particulars regarding Banking passports.

Other Sundry ID Products
There might come a time when a drivers license and or international drivers license might come in handy as another means for your own personal Lifeboat Strategy. In the event that might the case for you, you might want to visit Other Sundry ID Products.

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