Where Real Estate is Tax-Free and Highly Profitable

Ever wonder where Europe's "smart money" goes? If you'd like to find out how you can buy for pennies on the dollar (own and sell at a profit an apartment valued at $100,000 for as little as $20,000) or improve your lifestyle by profiting off of the expanding European Union while living in a paradise, keep reading....

This is the view I've been waking up to for the past two weeks. The price for this view is quite less then you might imagine, a mere fraction of what it would cost in other places in Europe. It can also be tax-free.

Taking part in the European sense of "joie de vivre," being surrounded by thousands of years of history, experiencing rich cultures other then our own; all sound like a privilege
that few of us can bankroll. However, this is a great misnomer.

Not only is the charmed life in Europe an affordable proposition, it's also a profitable one.

The people who are out there living the good life, who are rich and keep getting richer often are those who chose to go down a road a little less traveled and utilize investment secrets that few people have access to -- if this wasn't the case, everyone would be rich.

A growing number of people are among the elite investor group who have discovered what groups like Price Waterhouse Coopers and a Place in the Sun back-up; some of the worlds hottest real estate investment opportunities are also a little off-the-beaten path. And, the way to make those investments is just as unique as the locations themselves are.

In today's "secret Europe" you can get in at bargain basement prices and reap huge profits. In fact, if you were to have invested at this time last year in the first place I'm about to tell you about, on average, your investment would have went up more then 200%, yet it would still be far below the European norm.

There's no doubt that you've read about this place.

You've most likely heard stories about it since you were a child.

The place is Transylvania, it’s real and it’s in the modern day country of Romania. It's a storybook land of castles, medieval towns, and breathtaking nature. In this part of secret Europe you'll feel like you're living in a fairly tale. In the course of a day you'll see castles that will wow you or make you tremble, mountains comparable to the Swiss Alps with complete modern infrastructure in-place, cascading waterfalls, untouched medieval towns and cosmopolitan cities with all of the culture and nightlife you would expect to find in Europe.

Even the ground yields surprises and miracles at every turn. People digging here have found busts of Nero and coins with Caesar’s likeness. Natural thermal water springs here have been attributed with healing a variety of ailments.

In fact, it’s so great that there is a local saying that it's "better to spend a week here, then a lifetime anywhere else."

The reality though is that you can live inside this postcard perfect landscape for a week on vacation or a lifetime, if you choose, and your investments here can pay for all of your bills.

Investors are just starting to get wind of this incredible treasure trove-filled land. This area is about to become part of the European Union. That means billions of Euro is and will be invested in additional infrastructure and the region will prosper in many ways, including in tourism. It also means incredible real estate opportunities for those prepared to act in the short-term and the chance to live the charmed life in an increasingly less secret part of Europe.

You can come and visit, staying at a bed and breakfast for about $30 a night. Or...you can buy something with a view like mine... for as little as $20,000.

But, don't hesitate, Count Dracula is long gone but Europe is coming fast. Property values will continue to rise dramatically and amenities will continue to improve, all to correspond with EU standards. Eventually, Transylvania will become as untouchable as many other European destinations.

Whether you act now or not will make the difference between whether you have the luxury to live a fairy tale life or keep living as the saying goes “in a fairy tale.”

Own Your Own Profit-Making Holiday Home in Secret Europe TODAY for as little as $15,000 dow

Featured Project Brasov, Transylvania Romania

Avantgarden is a fantastic new development in the town of Brasov, Romania, which serves more than 5 local up-and-coming ski resorts. The development is located to the north of this rapidly growing town which is ideally situated to take advantage of the breath-taking
mountain views on offer. Luxuriously designed, and built to a high standard, these low-level buildings maximize the views in all blocks. This development is the first of a number of ultra-modern developments planned in the neighborhood.....being the first, it is likely to be of best value to the investor.

Luxuriously designed, and built to a high standard, these low-level buildings maximise the views in all blocks. The developers have focused on building a quiet, comfortable and secure development that is practical and pleasing to the eye. The common areas of the development are dominated by green, manicured gardens with facilities for children. Most apartments have excellent, open sun terraces. Taking reservations now!

Properties Across Europe... Full Costs as low as 45,000 €

Advantage of these Properties:

  • Mortgages avaliable in many cases, indicating bank's faith in the completion of these projects
  • Ideal seaside, mountain resort, and capitol city locations
  • Qualifed, seasoned developers responsible for completion of these projects
  • Low entry-costs and easy payment plans
  • Expert Western management team and investment advisors in-place
  • Command top rent dollar after completion Bankso Royal Towers, Bulgaria
  • Ability to legally avoid many taxes generally associated with home purchases
  • Perfect way to make first investment in "hot spots" with trends of high capitol growth, while minimizing your initial investment amount
What exactly is an off plan?
In simple terms, an off plan property is one that is net yet finished construction. Normally, ‘off plans’ are offered in an apartment or condominium complex or a development of houses or townhouses.

The buyer "reserves" a property or properties in a development found in one of a various number of stages from planning to completion by paying what usually amounts to a reasonable down-payment. Usually, further payment(s) come at the time of completion and the handing over the key.

Why Off Plan is considered such an attractive investment consideration.
One key to why buying 'Off Plan' can be such a good investment lies in the fact that normally you only have to pay approximately 30-40% of the purchase price as a deposit and then often nothing until completion of the property when the rest can be financed on a 60-70% mortgage (however some off-plans are staged in 3 to 4 payments). How this model plays itself out in practical application can be seen in the example below:

Purchase Price: $ 100,000 (September 2006)
Deposit payable: $ 30,000

Let us assume that you sell the property in September 2008 (assuming the maximum wait period for almost any off-plan project) just before completion and that you sell for 130,000
(this is a much lower return than has been achieved in recent years). Your profit is $30,000 which is obviously on the $100,000 asking price a 30% return, but remember, all you have had to pay is a $30,000 deposit so your actual return on cash invested is 100%. You’ve doubled you’re investment money.

Many people also finance the 30-40% deposit by through releasing equity for their existing property and so do not actually have to have any liquid cash to take advantage of this profitable investment opportunity.

One of the reasons for the popularity of selling before completion is that there is NO CAPITAL GAINS TAX to be paid at all if you make a profit however big by selling before completion. This is a form of ‘property flipping.’

When you purchase an off-plan property at the right price and in the right area high capitol growth is to be expected. This is the reason why developing countries like Bulgaria and Romania, receive a good deal of the off-plan investment business. The chart below looks at a property with a purchase cost of $120,000 and the possible future capitol growth based on a 5 to 20% growth rate per year.

Future Capital Growth Projections over 5 years

The capitol growth expectations listed above are rather modest. Capitol growth averaged 17% last year in Spain while Turkey averaged 34% growth overall.

Depending on the time frame which you desire to hold onto the property for, you will have to decide whether to flip your property before completion of the construction and avoid capitol gains tax or hold on to your property and reap the likely capitol gains and equity growth you would receive for holding on to your investment for a longer time period. Also be advised that some countries such as Bulgaria are offering tax-free incentives for those who hold there properties for more then 5 years and that it is possible in Romania to buy an apartment free of VAT tax by first forming a company. Interested in one of the above properties or in finding out more about investing "smart money" in off plans?

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