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You never really know a person (your spouse, included) until you see them in court! In today's sue-first-steal-your-money world, you are a potential target for lawyers, ex-spouses, and the terrorcrats! So be untouchable, become anonymous and make your assets invisible, by using the secrets of the super rich to protect your wealth legally.

Our offshore experts are head and shoulders above the rest. Though our company is not a party to your consultation, we personally know, use, and recommend our experts, and have done so for many years. They have proved to be trustworthy, honest and most important ... they deliver the goods! They have never lost any of our client funds over the more than 20-years they have been assisting clients offshore. Their advice and services include, but are not limited to:


  • Caveats to be aware of after 9/11;
  • Legally moving your self and/or assets offshore, without leaving a paper trail;
  • Residency Programs;
  • Second citizenship, nationalities and passports;
  • Finding your ideal Tax Haven;
  • Privacy seekers paradise, and how to live on less than US$ 1,000 a month;
  • Why you should never allow anyone signatory control over your assets;
  • How to legally remit more than $1,000 per month;
  • Dead drops, why you should have one, and how to acquire one;
  • Offshore bank accounts and credit cards: where to get them and what to avoid;
  • Special products & services not offered to the public;
  • Special discounts to consultancy clients;
  • Most important - learn who the crooks and con-men are, and how to avoid them;
  • The single biggest mistake to avoid; the one that everyone else makes!
  • Plus - much, much more.
Consultations Are Geared To Your Specific Needs
Each and every person has different requirements which means what you get from our consultants is tailored just for you. You cannot find this information anywhere because it only exists when it is being planned for you. The same goes for many of the products you will have the chance of obtaining; they’re one-off to fill a specific need.

A Special Preview Consultation For Your Peace-Of-Mind
For a trial run regarding the kind of information and benefits you'll receive, why not go for an initial e-mail consultation for just €1500.

A very special deal for clients of THE FREEBOOTER. The beauty is that if you take our expert up on his advice to provide you with products and/or services you’ll get your full payment back in the form of a discount of €1500 on a two year consultation with our consultant. If you don’t take him up, you’ve lost nothing. You’ve enjoyed a world class consultation for what amounts to peanuts!

How To Set Up Your Consultation
To initiate the process, we’ll need your payment up front and (this is important.) full details of what you need to discuss. The more info you provide, the better can you be helped. Plus a statement confirming that you are seeking information from him for your own personal use (not for publication) and are neither a journalist, government employee, nor an agent for any undisclosed person. Also, to make things flexible, provide us with an email address that can handle encrypted email (open a free account at Once you’ve advised us that you’re ready to submit your questions, we’ll advise the consultant who will contact you directly. We are never privy to what transpires between you and the consultant, that is strictly between the two of you.

Making Your Communications Secure
Use of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy available free at encryption for secure e-mail communications is strongly recommended. We will be happy to assist you to download, set up and get started with PGP.

Outstanding Benefits In The Pipeline
Many of our clients have received outstanding benefits from our team of specialist consultants and have opted for step 2: A two year consultancy program for EURO15,000, which means you have full attention (within reason) for two years.

Opportunity Knocks
There’s no time like the present to become untouchable, anonymous, and in complete charge of your wealth and future prosperity.

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