Titles of Nobility

* Lord * Lady * Laird * Sir * Baron * Baroness * Count * Countess * Earl * Duke * Duchess * Viscount * Viscountess * Marquess * Marchioness

Invest in a Genuine English "Noble" Title, from only £205, and receive bountiful riches in return.

Of course you can get through life without having a genuine "noble" title before your name, but with one, your life will immediately elevate a level or two, or three ... with the charisma and mystique a "Noble" Title brings, it will become easier, more expansive, and eminently more rewarding, in many ways.

A noble title is not for everyone. You need to have a certain panache to be able to carry it off, and give it credibility. This requires a modicum of breeding, sophistication, and a manner that is self-assured. This being so, the bounty that is commensurate with a "noble" title will endow you with generous social, business, and fiscal enrichment that far outweighs the cost of the initial investment. Elite Noble Titles from £205 Seated Noble Titles from £995.

Here's news on a rather interesting service we have been providing for the last 5 years - that great British tradition: Titles.

The reality is that to have a Title, you don't have to be "To the Manor born"!

Sometimes it pays to be "up front" with people - especially if you introduce yourself as "Lord Whatever-your-name". Same can be said if your Title is on your passport, credit cards, letterheads and other "stuff". You will be joining a pretty exclusive "club"; people who stand out from the crowd - people with confidence and bearing - people with recognised distinction and honour - people with a Title in front of their name.

Simple But Very Effective Life Titles
Here's an opportunity to join the "elite" and be the envy of your friends and colleagues! Elite Titles provides Effective Life Titles (English and Continental) to clients around the world. You do not have to be British. Now, you too can acquire a Title and receive "V.I.P." treatment wherever you go!

Recently en-Titled clients include: Sirs in Hong Kong, Lords in Singapore, Ladies in Australia, Lords, Sirs and Counts and Countesses in the USA, Barons and Viscounts in Japan, Lords in Canada, Sirs, Lords, Ladies, Barons, Baronesses, Viscounts and Counts in the UK (and many more world-wide.)

We Can Facilitate Most Titles On Request
These Non-Inheritable Titles (they die with you!) effectively change your Title for the rest of your life. The Title service provides you with a unique and desirable, legal Title to add to your name. You can change your
driving licence, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, membership cards, etc., to show your new Title.

Effective Titles are possible by using a legally recognised Deed dating back to 1835 (written in English), eg. Allowing Mr Whatever-your-name to become known as Sir Whatever-your-name, or Lord, etc ... sounds good doesn't it?

Under International and English Law, you have the right to call yourself, and be known as, anything you like, provided there is no fraudulent intention in the process of any such changes to a person's identity.

Now if you like the sound of that, how about being "Lord (and Lady) of Oxford" - or for that matter any place you want.

Here's How We Do It
Lady Margaret Farmer of Copythorne and Dartmouth has for current acquisition the Titles of Lord and/or Lady which are Seated Titles. That is, they include therewith a named area of land - the purchasers of which will legally be entitled to call themselves Lord and Lady of the named land parcel purchased.

For example, if Mr and Mrs Brown were to purchase land from Lady Margaret entitled "Westminster" then they would be legally entitled to call themselves and be known as Lord and Lady Brown of Westminster with all the social and commercial benefits this would undoubtedly bring.

The purchase price of these prestigious Lord and /or Lady Titles is all inclusive with no other fees or monies to pay whatsoever and covers:

  • The cost of the land itself;
  • All Land Registry Fees and Title Registration Fees;
  • All the legal costs in transfer of ownership of the land;
  • Preparation of all Title documentation;
  • Delivery of documents worldwide.

Acquiring Your Seated Title
You will legally acquire the Titles and a named area of land belonging to Lady Margaret's Estate in Dartmouth by way of land purchase. (Don't get too excited, it is tiny - blink and you would miss it!) We would make clear that it is the Titles themselves that are of significance here with the land itself being of no great importance, being but a token area of Lady Margaret's Estate. However, all legal requirements for the preparation of Deeds and the Transfer of Ownership of the land must be adhered to, and so, in addition to the Title Documentation and Certification you, the new Titled Land Owner(s), will receive a UK Government Land Certificate - issued by Her Majesty's Land Registry - guaranteeing ownership of the land and showing thereon the new land owners' Titles of Lord and / or Lady, together with the "Place name" you have chosen.

Purchasers must be 18 years old or over.

Lord & Lady of "Yourtown"
You might therefore become Lord and Lady of your own particular place name - your own hometown for example, or your place of birth.

What Privileges May You Receive?
With a Title in front of your name you will experience a difference in people's attitudes. The moment they know you are a "Lord, Lady, Sir, etc.." you'll be treated like some sort of Royalty or famous film star. In the business world people take you more seriously with a Title; career wise you'll find it a real door opener. When you make reservations in restaurants, you'll find yourself sitting at the best tables, with attentive
service. Both small and large organisations appreciate the effectiveness of having a "Lord on the Board". Check into a hotel and experience the ultimate preferential treatment, often with complimentary fruit or wine, in the best room.

Just imagine it, you can be legally addressed with your new Title. Eg., Lord John Connor ... Lady Susan Wright ... Count Richard Blackthorne ... Airlines will often upgrade you. Bank managers just can't help you enough. You can use it when and where you want, it says more about you than a Gold or Platinum credit card. For personal confidence and self esteem a Title will change your life for the better.

Is It Legal?
Yes, these Titles are totally legal and they last all your life. You can even change your driving licence, passport, credit cards and bank accounts to show your new effective Title, and you don't have to live in the UK or be a British citizen (We show you the simplest way to do this when you receive the documents). Before offering the Seated Title service the whole process was scrutinised by lawyers specialising in English Common Law relating to names, Titles and Copyright as well as all aspects of Real Estate and Land Law. Please remember, we deal with an official Government agency in these matters and clearly, they (Her Majesty's Land Registry) would not be party to anything illegal. We can supply Titles to clients all around the World.

What Are The Limitations?
1. If you wanted your wife or children to have a Title like yourself, you would need their consent; unless in the case of children they are under 16 years old (Elite Titles only), you act as the parental guardian and sign on their behalf.

1. The parcel of land with the "Seated" Titles is inheritable and forms part of your estate. Your children (over 18) may bear the Titles after you have died.

2. These Titles are not to be used to commit Fraud or Mislead with intent to commit any offence, or obtain money by deception. They are for show purposes only; just like you can put personalized number plates on your car legally for show purposes.

How Long Does The Process Take?
Elite Effective Titles: it takes about 10 - 14 days to process, prepare the legal documents and despatch to you. You also receive a Certificate of Title, which is ideal for framing. For an additional fee we can expedite your documents in 3 working days.

Seated Titles
It takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete the process due to the additional land registry procedures, however for an additional fee (£100) we can expedite your Title documents within 2 to 3 weeks. The land registry documents will follow when completed. You also receive a certificate of Title suitable for framing.

If You Should Want To Buy A Title As A Gift?
Just indicate that it is a gift, along with the Title you require, and the name and address of the recipient and the documents will be sent to you. (We do a lot of these!)

Can You Use Your Title In Legal Documents?
Yes, you can amend your driving licence, passport, credit cards, bank accounts, etc., to show your new Title. We show you the simplest way to do this when you receive your Title documents.

Can You Purchase The Seated Titles Of Count And Countess Of "Anytown"?
Yes, you can have any Titles you like with the land, however 99% of clients require the "classic" Lord and Lady of ...

If You Are Single, Can You Purchase "Lord Of Mytown"?
Yes, whether male or female you can purchase a single Seated Title (the price is the same.) Likewise if you are "partnered" and do not share the same surname, that is alright too, just make your surnames clear when applying.

Upgrade your lifestyle today - it will make you smile!

Satisfied Customers
(All of these unsolicited comments are on file)

"Two packages of documents received yesterday (16 May 2000). Thank you very much. As you indicated previously, they are impressive. I will have no hesitation in passing your company details to anyone in this country who is interested in having a Title." Dr.S. - Australia

"Thank you for your speedy response. I have now placed an order online, which you might have already seen." G.H. - United Kingdom

"Thanks, A pleasure doing business with you." A. C. - Italy

"Thanks for your help in this matter, I'll recommend you to all my would be titled friends." L.C. - United Kingdom

"Thanks for your email confirmation of my 2 title orders. I was led to your website by one of your previous customers who visited me from the UK." M.P. - USA

"Just a quick note to let you know that the presentation of the title I bought from you was a great success." HK - Hong Kong

"I have recently purchased the title of Viscount from MBC, and I am very delighted with it!" G.T. - USA

"Thank you for your reply to my email. I heard about Elite Titles from "**", as she ordered one for "**" a short time ago, and we thought that it would be a great as a 50th Birthday present for a friend of ours. "H" passed on your website to me." P.T. - Hong Kong

"I am thoroughly enjoying my Title, both professionally and personally." Lord J.D. - USA

"I also have to tell you that I have great fun as Lord of Blenheim , I can recommend it to everyone." B.B - Belgium

"Parents' documentation (Elite Titles) arrived today, and is impressive. Thank you. I will go ahead with the Saxmundum option (Seated Title) if still available." R.S - Australia

"Dear Sirs, I am pleased to inform you that today I have received the documentation related to the seated title. I am very satisfied with such
documents." F.C. - Italy

"I am pleased with the doors this title has opened for me" Lord JB - UK

"I was introdused as Baron, my father's friend treats me like a VIP, just as you said in your advertisement! Thank you again." Baron O - Japan

How to Order
Cut and paste the TITLES APPLICATION FORM (Below) onto an email, complete all relevant fields and email it to col.edwardwhitehead@freebooter.com with the words TITLE APPLICATION FORM in the subject field of your email.

Click order form and complete all relevant details.

----------- cut and paste -----------

Seated Titles

English "Seated" Title/Land Application
Please Note: Should your offer be accepted then it is the details as so entered hereunder that will appear on the Title/Land Deeds. You are therefore respectfully asked to give full details and to PRINT CLEARLY IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

The name of the Land Parcel:
Title required: LORD / LADY
Full Name of First Applicant (Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.)
Date of Birth:

I have read, understood and accept the Terms and Conditions, below, and wish to make an offer to purchase the Titles as indicated on this application, and the land as described for the sum of £995 , for Standard delivery (6 to 8 weeks), or £1095 , Premium delivery (2 to 3 weeks) (tick appropriate box)

Signature _____________________________________


Second Name to appear on the Title/Land Documentation

Title required: LORD / LADY:

Full Name of Additional Applicant (Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.)
Date of Birth:
Email address

I herein state that the information so given above is true and accurate and I understand that said information is to be used to provide me with the new Title and name as so entered and said new Title and name are to be shown on the resultant Land Registry Certificate as joint purchaser.



Elite Titles

Private and Confidential

Please complete in CAPITAL LETTERS

Today's Date:

Full Name:(Mr, Mrs, Ms, etc.)


Date of Birth:

New title required:

Lord, Lady, Laird, Sir, Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess, Viscount, Viscountess, Marquess, Marchioness, Earl, Duchess, other


Date of Commencement:______________

I the undersigned declare that the information provided is correct and true. I therefore submit this application to MBC (Dept.ET) to provide me with the above effective Title. I understand that these effective Titles are not to be mistaken for real Titles (bestowed by the State, etc) or used for any fraudulent means. Single title £205, Pair of titles £309, for 3 day premium delivery add £50.



Please attach a scan of your driving licence, birth certificate or passport in JPG format to your email.

Terms And Conditions - Seated Titles
I. That parcel of land as identified within the application form (hereinafter called 'the land') forms part of the freehold estate owned by Lady Margaret Farmer of Copythorne and Dartmouth (hereinafter called 'the Vendor') and is situated in Dartmouth, Devon, UK.

II. The vendor sells as Beneficial Owner with full Title Guarantee with the land being free from any adverse notices, legal charge or other loan secured against it and with no covenants being attached thereto.

III. To submit an offer to purchase the land the applicant (here in after called 'the Purchaser') shall complete and send to: The Freebooter (hereinafter called the 'Purchaser's representative') the completed Application form along with the full purchase price as stated within that form. All clients are asked to make cheques payable to The Freebooter.

IIII. However, no legal contract shall be deemed to exist between the Purchaser and Vendor at this point as the offer to purchase the land is subject to Vendor's acceptance of this offer - for it must be understood that Titles/Land parcels are strictly limited and the Vendor's acceptance of the Purchaser's offer is subject to the specific Titles/Land parcel being still available.

V. If the land specified is still available the Vendor's legal representatives shall so confirm this in writing within 14 days of receipt of the application form and a legal contract shall exist from the time of posting of this letter of confirmation. If the land specified is no longer available the Vendor's legal representatives shall return the Purchaser's unprocessed cheque (International Money Order) within the same time limit.

VI. Given that the land specified is available, and after so informing the Purchaser, the Vendor's legal representatives shall then act for the Purchaser in the transfer of ownership of the land and the facilitating of the personal Titles (Lord & Lady). No additional charge will be made for these services.

VII. Upon completing the transfer of ownership of the land and the execution of the Title documentation (which should take some 6-8 weeks with the standard service) the Vendor's legal representatives shall send the executed Land Registry Certificate and personal Title Documentation and Certification directly to the Purchaser - at the same time releasing the remainder of the monies held to the Vendor.

VIII. To be clear and specific: The fee, as set forth in the Application for Title is all inclusive with no other fees or monies to pay whatsoever and covers: the cost of the land itself, all Land Registry Fees, Title Registration fees, all our legal costs in the transfer of ownership of the land and in the preparation of all Title Documentation.

IX. Purchasers must be 18 years of age or over

Please retain these Terms and Conditions for future reference.

Should you require more information and the latest updates on Titles of Nobility, please email col.edwardwhitehead@freebooter.com place the words
Titles of Nobility, in caps in the subject line of your email.


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