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A University Master's Degree
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All degrees awarded by Trinity College & University constitute a validation that you have the knowledge, experience and expertise equal to, or in excess of, a recipient of the relevant traditional university degrees, and are issued in accordance with the 1988 Education and Science Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Trinity College & University operates under a system known as "distance study". There are no formal examinations and no classes to attend. A course of study/reading may be supplied to you on your chosen subject and your certificate is usually sent to you within a month of your application; making good the required study is left entirely to you.

All awards are open to everyone; age, sex, social or ethnic background are not issues. There are no entry qualifications, no admission interviews, no barriers whatsoever. An exceptionally large choice of awards is offered. Virtually everything, except in traditional medicine.

There are credits for all previous study, work, independent or correspondence course studies, seminars, workshops, language skills, and any other learning process. Any reading matter supplied is designed to meet the requirements of those who may not have studied for some time, or have few or no academic qualifications.

Having specific knowledge of what the traditional syllabus of your degree is will certainly strengthen your case, and provide you with a base for supportive study. It is probably in this area that an institution such as Trinity College and University can help you decide if your knowledge and expertise meets the levels indicated by the degree for which you are applying.

Where To Now?
For your information, and further action, here is the list of 'life/work' degrees, which are available through the validation program provided by Trinity College and University.

Degrees Awarded By Trinity College & University
The Bachelor of Arts (BA)
This degree may be selected from the following 5 main study groups.

Business Studies:
Accountancy, Administration, Business Law, Insurance, International Law, Management, Marketing, and Personnel.

Educational Studies and Further Education.

Fine Arts:
Art and Music.

Liberal Arts:
History, languages, Literature, Philosophy, and Theology.

Social Studies:
Economics, Politics, Social Administration, and Sociology.
The Bachelor of Science (Bsc)
This degree may be selected from the following 4 groups.

Biology, Botany, and Zoology.

Physical Science:
Environmental Studies, Geography, Physics.

Mathematical Sciences:
Mathematics, Computer Science, Geometry, and Statistics.

Mechanical, Electrical, Project, and Constructional.
The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
This degree may be chosen from the following 4 groups.

Business Economics:
Accounting, Budgets, and Economic Forecasting.

Business Management:
Financial, Economics, and Investment.

Business Policy:
Marketing, Production, and Information.

International Business:
Financial Management, International Strategy, and The Common Market.
The Bachelor of Law (LLB)
This degree may be selected from the following 6 groups.

Commercial Law:
Financial, Contract, and Sale of Goods Law.

Corporation Law:
Contracts, Incorporation, Take-overs, and Mergers and Liquidations.

Criminal Law:
Person, Property, State, and Penal Systems.

Employment Law:
Industrial Tribunals, Redundancy, Sex Discrimination, Unfair Dismissal, and Union Law.

International Law:
League of Nations, Municipal Law, and Sea.

Land Law:
Covenants, Leases, and Mortgages.
The Bachelor of Music (BMus)
This degree can be selected from the following 5 study groups.




Church or Sacred Music;

The Bachelor of Divinity (DD)
This degree can be selected from the following 3 study groups.

Old and New Testament;

Religious History or Study;

Master's Degree
This program is as follows.

Master of Arts (MA);

Master of Science (MSc);

Master of Business Administration (MBA);

Master of Laws (LLM);

Master of Theology (MTH);

Master of Philosophy (Mphil).
This program is as follows.

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD):
This degree is awarded in the Arts, Sciences, Theology, and Alternative Medical Practitioners.

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA):
This degree is awarded in the field of Business.

Doctor of Education (EdD):
This degree is awarded in the Arts.

Other Doctorates in the Arts, Sciences, and Theology are as follows:

Doctor of Letters (DLitt);
Doctor of Laws (LLD);
Doctor of Music (DMus);
Doctor of Science (DSc);
Doctor of Divinity (DD).

Accreditation of all degrees awarded by Trinity College and University is through the Correspondence Accreditation Association (CAA).

You may be interested in US State Department attestation (example attached) - fee GBP550/US$650 (takes 2-3 weeks). As of May 2014 no Embassy attestation available. Embassies will now only accept traditional awards issued by educational establishments that are listed in the International Year Book. As a non-traditional university we are not listed in the IYB.

Should you require more information and the latest updates on Trinity College University Degrees, please email place the words Trinity College University Degrees, in caps in the subject line of your email.


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